Collaged Agapes Sculptured Portals Window Vistas Decor

Artistic Agglomerations are:

  • COLLAGED AGAPES ~ Artwork that hangs on the wall
  • SCULPTURED PORTALS ~ Designed to be hung as mobiles or on pedistals
  • WINDOW VISTAS ~ Window treatments
  • CUSTOM DECOR ~ Functional artwork
  • CLASSES & EXHIBITS By Arrangement

"Maggie creates and transforms found & natural elements into new works on glass, vine sculpture, wood and crafted armatures. Movement gives them life. Bells and chimes add voice. Light plays with their character, and open spaces complete their belonging.

They are an exclamation of gratitude, wonder, celebration, and promise. Maggie is a "GREEN ARTIST" dedicated to using only environmentally friendly products or repurposing miscellanea.