Interview with the Artist

The sea is obviously significant in my artistic expression.

I metamorphose natural finds, hand made papers and fabrics and collected pieces to interpret color, light, form and flow of life's cycle.

Visualizing these new images is my artistry and my true fulfillment.

Drawing on my degrees in theatrical arts & educational media I feature the performance and presentation of nature's lore, and embrace movement, rhythm & voice as embellishments.

Celebrating gratitude and a hope filled promise is my spiritual pulse.

I accept the responsibility of being a certified green artist with pride and dedication.

Exhibits and engagements are available through personal contact.

Always artfull,
Maggie carle


"The beauty of it all. Amazing, the colors of the beach and ocean waves."

"I love the ocean waves on glass and board. Your imagination in juxtaposing material is amazing. So glad to see your work in one space. You are so inspiring."

"Wow! overwhelming splashes of color and texture. A great impression when you enter the gallery. "

 - Guests at the HOW GREEN THOU ART! exhibit, Dodwell Gallery, Long Island, Maine, May 2009.